Under Angel Wings


Monday, June 24, 2013

Turn to the Son

Sunflowers always face the sun. In the morning they face east. By evening, they have turned west. They follow the sun as it crosses each day's sky, so they can gather in as much sun as possible. We can be like sunflowers, and turn to the SON, Jesus Christ, and gather spiritual light from Him. A sunflower seed will grow most anywhere. You, too, can bloom and grow where you are planted. By desiring to believe and by studying the scriptures prayerfully, you will nurture your personal gospel seed.

As the sunflower grows, small buds will soon appear, surrounded by protecting leaves. Like those leaves, your parents, leaders, and teachers surround you, and love you, and protect you, and help your budding testimony grow. As a sunflower grows taller, its stalk grows thicker, for it must support the large flower that will soon be full of seeds. So as your spiritual stalk must grow, and your testimony will grow stronger as you prayerfully read the scriptures that teach of Jesus Christ and strive to become like Him.

When the sunflower bud opens, bright yellow petals form, and its head becomes a golden crown. The blessings of its growth at last begins to show. And, having been born of a seed, it now produces seeds of its own that nourish people, animals and birds. Your testimony will likewise produce its own new seeds and you will nourish family, friends and others who will see the Son reflected, like a golden crown, in you, for you have become like Him.

So, turn to the Son. Open your heart to His light. Seek it first thing each morning. Follow its warmth across each day's sky. Let its comfort be the last thing you feel each night. Then as the evening of your life's last setting comes, you will arise to a glorious new morning and turn again to Him and He will see His image in your countenance.

By Melanie, at Sugardoodle.net