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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Mockingbirds Have Arrived

Recently I have noticed adult mockingbirds flying in and out of my dwarf pine in the front yard.

When I walked by the tree a couple of weeks ago I took a quick peek inside and saw a nest!

I have tried to not walk by, instead going around out on the front sidewalk, so that the parents won't be alarmed...

Yesterday I walked by, looked inside, and saw three baby birds! They are right at eye level, so they are easy to spot. You can count their beaks where you see the bluish-colored feathers.

The parents have opened up a substantial-sized hole with their comings and goings! The pine is struggling as it is, since it is placed next to what turned out to be a hot driveway.

The matching pine on the right side of the house is flourishing as it only receives morning sun, and is protected from the afternoon sun by a large pistachio tree.

The parents probably picked this pine because the foliage is thinner and easier to get in and out of.

The babies were all curled up together, enjoying a nice warm nap. I hope none of the neighborhood cats strolling through notice them!

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