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Monday, July 13, 2009

"Auntie's Little Angels" by Elizabeth

One day recently my grand niece, Elizabeth, came to visit. She is eight years old, soon to be nine in August. We have been having a lot of fun during the last few months thinking about how to write a story about my doggies, Chloe and Max.

We wanted to make it funny, with the dogs doing naughty things that Auntie (that's me) never figures out. So Eliz. sat down at the laptop and we started writing, bouncing ideas off of each other so fast the story practically wrote itself!

Just so you'll know, neither Eliz. OR the doggies are ever naughty. This is a complete work of fiction! We hope you enjoy reading Elizabeth's first published story, with a little help from Auntie. ;D

Auntie's Little Angels

One hot summer day I was at my house helping my mother and father pack for their trip to Hawaii. I was supposed to go to my grandma’s house to stay while they were gone, but my grandma plays Bridge almost every day. So I’m going to my auntie’s house for the week.

When I got there, my aunt was making lunch. She came over to me and gave me a hug and went back to what she was doing. I said my last “good-byes” to my parents and then they left. So I sat down at the table. I called Max, one of my aunt’s dogs, to come over to me, but he wouldn’t come. He just gave me a dirty look!!

Then I called Chloe over, but she only made it halfway across the room before Max stood in front of her looking bold. Auntie was busy making lunch, so she didn’t see what that rascal Max was doing!

Auntie brought a sandwich for me to the table and one of the pieces of meat from the plate fell to the floor. Then Max and Chloe made a dash to the food and quickly gobbled it up!! I told auntie, “Oh no, Max and Chloe stole some of my lunch!” But auntie said, “They’re my little angels. They would never do that!!”

I was starting to think to myself that auntie never sees her doggies being naughty because she thinks that they are ‘her little angels.’ I wondered if I should help her see that her dogs are taking advantage of her sweetness, or should I tell her what they are doing. I thought to myself, “Decisions, decisions!!”

After I finished lunch, auntie took me outside to go swimming in the pool. Auntie went back inside for a minute because she forgot her iced tea. While she was gone, the dogs ran outside to me. Then Max bravely took a deep breath and jumped into the pool with a big splash, even though he doesn’t know how to swim! He had to use all his energy to try to swim to the wall, and he barely made it. Max let out a terrifying bark just as auntie was running outside.

Auntie said, “Elizabeth, what has gotten into you?? My poor little angel almost drowned in the pool!!” She fished Max out of the water and rolled him up in a towel like a little baby and took him inside and laid him down on the sofa.

I sat outside waiting for auntie, because I knew I was in trouble! I could hear auntie inside saying to Max, “What did that girl do to you, my poor little angel?” Auntie came back outside with a stormy look on her face.

Then auntie said, “I don’t know why you did such an awful thing as pushing my little angel into the water, but now you must be disciplined. So Elizabeth, please go to Olivia’s room and stay in there until I say you can come out.”

I went in to Olivia’s bedroom, but I kept the door open a little crack. Then Chloe pushed the door open and ran in. Chloe gave me a strange look and then she let out a big bark, falling to the floor with her leg curled up. While I was trying to pick her up, auntie ran in the room and thought I was going to give her another slap! Auntie was horrified. She said, “Elizabeth, now I have no idea what to do with you! My little angels are getting hurt and it’s your fault!” Auntie pointed her finger and shook it at me in a sassy way. I knew I was in really big trouble then!!

I heard the front door opening, and I realized that uncle David was home. “Thank goodness,” I said to myself. “He will help me get out of this mess.”

I ran out of the bedroom and into the front hall and threw myself into uncle David’s arms. He said, “Well, hello there, little missy. What are you doing here?” I said, “Long story, but the dogs are being so naughty today, and auntie thinks it’s all my fault because her doggies are ‘her little angels.’”

Uncle David said, “I’ll have a talk with auntie while you go get washed up for dinner.” Auntie was sitting on the sofa, holding her little angels in her arms. Uncle David tried to sit down to talk to her, but Max and Chloe both bared their teeth at him. Auntie missed it because she was so distracted by the news on the TV! Uncle David said to himself, “Why have I never noticed this naughty behavior? I must have ‘auntie’s little angel-itis,’ too!”

When I came back to the family room, I saw auntie and uncle David talking so I ran back down the hall and poked my head around so I could listen to what they were saying. While uncle David was talking, I could hear auntie sniffling. Then he noticed the sniffling, stopped his sentence, and uncle David said to her, “Is there something wrong?”

Auntie said, “They couldn’t possibly do such things because they’re ‘my little angels.’” Uncle David said, “Even angels lose their halos once in a while.” I peeked around and saw Max and Chloe walking toward me wagging their tails. I knew then that we would have a fun week together after all!
The End
Chloe, on left, and Max~ Auntie's real little angels

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