Under Angel Wings


Friday, December 5, 2008

A Leap of Faith

Hello world, here I am! Today is my first blog posting, ever. I have been inspired to share my life with you, and I'm hoping you will do the same with me. My postings will generally fall under the headings of faith, family, friends, food and fun, and many will overlap.  I'd like to thank my family for their help: my husband, David, who is always willing to advise on a new project; our daughter, Olivia, who has led the way with her own blog, Just a Running Fool; and our son, Grady, who is endlessly patient with all things Mac.

Most of all, my inspiration comes from above! From God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. From all the saints and all the angels in heaven, and from all the "saints-in-the-making" living out our lives here on Earth. We all live...Under Angel Wings!


Claudia said...

welcome to the world of blogging :o)

hope you guys are doing well and had a great thanksgiving.


mountaineering said...

Looks fantastic. I'm very proud of you!

Olivia said...

Very nice mom... the blog looks great!

Susan said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Enjoy writing and we'll enjoy reading.