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Sunday, December 7, 2008

St. Nicholas Coffee Hour

Yesterday afternoon, after posting all of the cookie-making activities on the blog, my husband and I went over to our church to decorate the table for coffee hour. He was arranging the string of lights on the little tree and I was getting all the ornaments ready to hang. Dave went under the table to plug the lights in, and then I smelled something burning. I looked at the tree and there was a trail of smoke going up to the ceiling! Dave jumped up to see one of the little lights melting. He quickly unplugged the lights, and we got them off the tree as fast as possible. Fortunately I had brought an extra string of lights! We finished decorating, unplugged the lights and locked up the church before going out to dinner. All evening I tried not to think about burning down the church due to a tree light meltdown!

This morning we took our St. Nicholas cookies on the Christmas plates to coffee hour. You wouldn't BELIEVE how quickly those cookies disappeared! (Don't worry kids, I remembered to save some for you when you come home for Christmas.) Everyone seemed to enjoy remembering the story of St. Nicholas and his spirit of giving...

Something special happened after we came home this afternoon. I received an e-mail from Martha, a dear friend who was at church. After hearing about my new blog, she went home and read it, and got inspired to put up her own page. The name of it is I Can Only Imagine, and the photo at the top of the page is just stunning. I won't tell you what it is, so you can go visit there and be as pleasantly surprised as I was!

Congratulations Martha, and welcome to the world of blogging. We'll learn together!!


I Can Only Imagine said...

Hi Sylvia - Wow! Sure lad that you caught that light meltdown before you left the church. The little Christmas tree was beautiful, with all the St. Nicholas ornaments. And the cookies were ever so good. Love, Martha

Olivia said...

The cookies look delish!!

Anonymous said...

yes you can use my images
as long as you link them back to me.
edward dullard

markinch said...

It is so much fun, Sylvia, to see how you are using the St. Nicholas things! : ) And the cookies look wonderful--no wonder they disappeared quickly. Yum.
Carol Myers

I Can Only Imagine said...

Darling Sylvia - We are all so glad you caught the smoking Christmas Tree Light. Although we know that God would provide if something were to happen to our wonderful little Church. ~ Martha

Anonymous said...

What a great site! Very nice job.

Anonymous said...

I love your site! Nicely done. Enjoyed reading it tremendously.