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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday Visitors

                                                                  Sylvia and Georgina

Part of the fun of the holidays is the special visitors that come by to visit. On Christmas Eve my honorary brother John (my sister, Jan, and I grew up on neighboring farms with John and his brother, Tom) came with his daughter Celia, her husband, Joey, and their baby daughter, Georgina. They live in New York City, and we had waited all year to meet the new baby! What fun it was to meet her, get some hugs, and show her our two puppies and our gingerbread man tree on the patio. Georgina reminds me so much of her mother, Celia, at that age, who was born just a few days after my daughter, Olivia. We'll have more of John and his family later, I'm sure!

                                                             Olivia, Sylvia, and Katie

The other very important people who dropped by to visit that day were Katie and her fiance, Vinson. Katie and Olivia have been best friends since second grade! Katie is a Stanford graduate, a medical school graduate, and is just about to finish her residency. She has accepted a position as an anesthesiologist in a city about an hour away from our home town. We are SO proud of her achievements. Katie and Liv grew up in each other's houses, so it was like welcoming home a second daughter. And it was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Liv's birthday together!

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