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Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year's Joy, or Prayers Answered

Somewhere out there (on the internet) I found this image of an explosion of colors in stained glass. I love bright, vivid, colors so I was immediately attracted to it. It seems to perfectly represent the joy I feel in my heart today!

Someone who has a very close relationship with the Lord advised me a couple of months ago to be very specific in my prayers. So, instead of continuing to pray to God as I had for months that he please help my son find a job, around Thanksgiving time I began to pray specifically that God help my son find a good job before Christmas. 

This was a leap of faith, and I didn't even let myself think about how I would feel if it failed to happen. December was a busy time getting ready to celebrate Christmas, and I continued to pray the same prayer. Then, I called my daughter on the Monday before Christmas and asked her what she had been up to that day as she prepared to drive home the next day, and pick up her brother at the airport on the way.

She said she had just been to a job interview! I was totally amazed and excited, as her dad and I had been feeling for a long time that she was ready for the next step up in her career. After telling me about the new company, she said that they wanted to interview her again.

Both of my children arrived home on Tuesday and we enjoyed our pre-Christmas festivities. Occasionally I would wonder how our daughter had been so blessed as to be approached for an interview when she hadn't even been looking for a new job, especially in this time frame, right before Christmas.

On Christmas Eve we attended the midnight candlelight service, and on Christmas morning we opened our stockings by the fireplace and our gifts under the tree in the living room. I was just completely enjoying my family, not thinking about the prayers, or the time frame.

When the gifts were all opened, my son commented that since his gift for me had not arrived yet, he wanted to share something special with me. Then, he announced that on the way out the door to the airport he had received a call offering him a job, a good job for him! Just before Christmas. We were all so unbelievably thankful and happy! Actually I was stunned, as well, in a really good way. :D

This week our son began work at his new job, and our daughter had her third job interview with the new company last night. She was offered the job! She is ready for the challenge of helping found a new company. And it all started right before Christmas.

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Susan said...

HOW WONDERFUL! The Lord does answer prayers and you are right, I should be more specific in my prayers and so should all of us. We will definitely start TONIGHT!! Lord knows we need our prayers answered for Bob to find a "good" job. I will pray that this happens before Valentine's Day and hope that you and your readers will join me in praying that my husband find a "good" job in the next month. Thank you, Sylvia, for sharing this post with me. I am so happy for your family and know that the prayers had much to do with the result. I believe in the power of prayer.

Blessings to you and your family for 2009!