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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

French Braid Fun

Yesterday when Elizabeth was over after school we decided to try out a new hairstyle. When my daughter, Olivia, was young she taught herself how to do a French Braid on her own, then she taught me how to do it on her hair. It has been years, tho, and I was a little unsure on how to do the first few "stitches." So we found a YouTube video to help us!

Elizabeth sat on my step stool so I could watch the laptop and braid along with the video. I sat in my desk chair behind her. Chloe, our little Papillon, had to get in on the fun as well, especially since she is a little French dog. :D

                                               Voila! Magnifique! Here is the finished French Braid.

                      With her beautiful chocolate brown hair and eyes, she could be a little French girl.

                                                              "Bonjour, mon nom est Elizabeth."

Here is the video we watched: 

1 comment:

Kendra S said...

I'm so glad you posted the video... Now I don't have to try and find it! What a beautiful girl we've got!