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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Elizabeth, Shining Star

Yesterday morning I knew something was up very early in the day as I started receiving several comments on Elizabeth's cooking lesson, Peach Cobbler Bites, from the day before on this blog. Then later in the morning I went on the blog to check Sitemeter, to see how many visitors I was getting.

My jaw actually dropped as I saw the number of hits was up over 500!! I thought it must be a mistake,  as that number had never occurred before...the visitors just kept coming, so I asked my daughter, Olivia, to help me figure out why these high numbers of people were coming over from facebook.

She checked the Pillsbury page, and there was a brief mention of Elizabeth and a link to my blog!!
By late last night we had 688 visitors, and a number of very nice ladies took the time to go back to
Pillsbury and leave encouraging comments there as well. Lizzie had a GREAT debut as a young cook with her very own recipe! Here is the link and the comments she received at Pillsbury:

Pillsbury What recipes do your kids love to make? This blogger's 9-year-old niece taught her how to make Peach Cobbler Bites yesterday. How fun!

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Carolann Quinn My daughter can make a great paella. She's 16 now but she's been making it since she was 13. :)
Ann Dennis LOL my daughter learned how to barbecue chicken on the grill at 16 and that is still her specialty.
Just Dancin I've taught all of my sons to cook, you never know anymore if the girls they meet will be able to do it.
Cheryl Wodowski Knepper Something easy for the kids to make!!!! Thanks
Judy Husk these days girls don't cook, they eat out a lot
Crystal Shady Taylor mine love making homemade cinnamon rolls!
Patricia Ann Kelly my 8 year old daughter makes awesome baked ranch drum sticks. and my 9 year old makes delicious mac n cheese with broccoli
Jodie Moncrieff-Hennigar My kids are 6 and 8. Both love to help me. They make us supper one night a month...usually sub sandwiches...we slice the tomatoes and cheese for them then they put them together for us.
Lori Sherman Very easy and I bet they are tasty! & YES I love the green nail polish!!
Sandy Flanagan Camus Both my boys have been cooking since they were 10 or 12. Their menus have improved, over the years, from mac 'n cheese or burgers on the grill to some quite delectable dishes. Now that they're married, they share that responsibility.
Gerri Walsh this sounds good I want to make them right now but don't have the ingred. on hand !!!!
Kimberly Millsap I have been cooking for years. I cooked with my mom and grandma when I was very young. I now am married and love to cook. Hopefully I will be able to pass this on to my children.
Celesta Gunter Those look so good! My family loves peach cobbler! Thanks for sharing!
Patti Willis Cunningham GREAT job Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing Aunt Sylvia! Mom Kendra should be VERY proud of her! (the green nail polish is awesome!)
Sue Williams My grandma taught me to cook and bake: homemade rolls, potato candy, meatloaf that is out of this world. I let my grandchildren help me do easy things when I cook. They love to stir the bowl and cut out cookies.
Christy Groff- Clouser thats a great idea. smart girl. simple and easy. :o)
Laurie Wells how cute is she and her little recipe :-)
Amy Beth Carlin Sendaydiego I love to make "pigs in a blanket" using the crescent rolls and hot dogs! Yummm!
Fabiola Robichaud Way to go!! Good idea!! Love your nail polish too!!
Gina Marie Petitfils Mmmm.. They look delightful!
Fabiola Robichaud I do mine with the wainer wrap and put some chocolate chips, slivered almonds & coconut ... then wrap around and pinch each sides. Delicious!
Karen Jakab wow, those sound amazing and I bet you could do that with cooked apples too. MMMM, can't wait to try them. How amazing that a 9 year old came up with this. My 9 year old likes to cook, but I'm too scared to give her freedom in the kitchen. she does make really good grilled cheese sandwiches, my 5 year old prefers them over mine. LOL
Kathi Ballard My 2 (17 & 19) can cook somewhat, but they'd rather microwave everything................
Tina Chudilowsky My 10 yr old daughter LOVES to cook and she is really good at it! I'm very lucky :0)
Patty Barker These sound fun and wonderful! I think I'll try them with my granddaughters this weekend. Good job Elizabeth!
Carla Binai this is alot better than yesterday's making faces with veggies.
Beth Roberts Sounds great!! Gonna try this one we love peach cobbler!!!
Angel Wiles Dickson love it, maybe I can try it with my lil girl :) Nice job
Linda Field Sounds great!! Gonna try this one we love peach cobbler!!!
Ann Golden yum for me also
Connie Fitch Kids sometimes come up with the best things!!
Shiney FromWise My kids love making homemade pizzas...they LOVE tossing the dough themselves :)
Evelyn Smith Brown ooh, sounds good
Cynthia Hersey Now isn't she just too cute! I love having my granddaughter come and cook and bake with me. Elizabeth is on her way to becoming the next Sandra Lee, Ina Garten, or Paula Deen. I think it's wonder and amazing that she's creating her own recipes!! WELL DONE ELIZABETH!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND DON'T QUIT.
Kendra Gibson Schmidl I'm so PROUD of my girl- and I can say from experience these peach cobbler bites are YUUMMO!!
Sylvia Lamon Thanx everyone for the wonderful comments!! Blessings, Auntie Sylvia

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