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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Peach Cobbler Bites by Elizabeth

My great-niece Elizabeth came to visit today after school, and she is ready to teach me how to make her own original recipe, Peach Cobbler Bites. She makes these at Grandmother Jan's house, so naturally we wanted to see what all the excitement is about. Elizabeth is 9 1/2 years old and already is devising her own recipes!

This is the Cast of Characters: a roll of Pillsbury Lite Crescent Rolls, a can of peaches, honey, and cinnamon sugar.

The first thing Elizabeth did was to take the baking pan outside to spray it with Pam. That prevents the mist of oil from landing on my counters and furniture!

Then it was time to pop the Pillsbury tube and pull out the section of dough. The other section can be left in the tube and put in the refrigerator to keep it cold. It is always easier to handle dough that is cold!

Find the straight seam that goes across the roll and unroll on the counter so that you can see the perforations marking the triangles.

Drain the can of peaches in the colander so there will not be too much liquid within the dough.

Place a slice of peach in the middle of the triangle, and dribble a few drops of honey over it.

Wrap the dough around the peach slice, gathering and pinching the dough together on the bottom. Turn the bites over and lay on the baking pan. Don't you just love the green nail polish? :D Perfect for spring...

Shake cinnamon sugar on each dough bite.

Pop them in the oven at 375 degrees for thirteen to fifteen minutes until browned and cooked through.

Put on a pretty plate and...

share with mom (Kendra) and Uncle David. They really enjoyed coming home from work and walking into a house that smells like peach cobbler. We even saved some for Elizabeth's dad (Chris).

These are really delicious, easy, and fairly healthy, if anyone cares about that! What a great recipe for a nine year old to be able to fix on her own. Congratulations, Elizabeth!!


Pat said...

These look great and a very smart young lady and as I am recently diagnosed with illnesses and looking for healthy snacks I really love this. Thanks for sharing.

Gerri Walsh said...

They sound wonderful and i will teach my Grandaughter to make them .Thank u for this receipe Elizabeth

Mark and Dortha said...


Thank you for sharing your recipe. We live in our motorhome and that will be a great recipe to have.

Keep up your good work.

DaniCaliGirl said...

I guess all those times Elizabeth was over and I wouldnt let her watch cartoons, but instead made her watch Food Network have inspired her! Great receipe, I may even put it in my next newsletter with your permission of course!

Auntie Danielle

Cindy Aube said...

What a cute kid!!! And a great recipe! I think she should contact me when she turns 18 so I can have her on my Pampered Chef Team!!!
Cindy Aube

Momof5 said...

Wow - you have an incredibly talented family! Please tell Elizabeth she has a growing fan club! Thank you for sharing.