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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"St. Baldrick's Day" Fun

There once was a fireman, Tim--

Who went down to the pub on a whim--

They cut off his hair,

On a charity dare,

All in St. Baldrick's Day fun!!

I received an invitation on Facebook today to go down

and participate in the St. Baldrick's Foundation

charity event to raise funds for childhood cancer


I taught Tim and Sara's daughter, Tara,

in Kindergarten, so I just had to go down and see him

get his head shaved...Tim, you are a great sport, and

you certainly earned my donation!

Congratulations, Tim Crowhurst

Engineer, Y.C. Fire Engine #7

If any of you should find yourself with a few extra

coins in your pocket on this St. Patrick's Day,

please consider donating to this vital cause!!

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